Walker Leadership Institute Partnerships – Fall 2021

This past year the Walker Leadership has had the privilege of collaborating with five dynamic organizations whose work is aligned with our goal of strengthening our communities and strengthening human flourishing. 


  1. Adese Fellowship is an ecumenical program of the United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund in partnership with the United Church of Christ National Setting. Participants move through three stages — discern, design and disciple — gaining clarity about themselves and their venture, prototyping and testing their concept, and building a team. Fellows draw upon the experience of mentors and peers while identifying and maximizing the resources of their communities. https://adesefellowship.org 
  2. The Glean Network is a growing community of faith-rooted leaders who find themselves at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. We seek to reimagine the role of faith in an ever-changing world that yearns for meaning, belonging, and justice. https://www.gleannetwork.org  
  3. The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to revitalizing America through civic engagement, governance and policymaking, and campaign and election processes. https://www.bridgealliance.us 
  4. The Urban Leadership Academy, based in Dayton OH, seeks to bring the challenges of urban ministry to the classroom, offering models of ministry that are working and forging partnerships that will sustain urban ministry in the 21st century. https://urbanleadershipacademy.net 
  5. Live Free – Illinois, creates thriving Black communities through building economic and political power, and by combating all forms of violence against the black community. Through our model; the Body, the Ballot, and the Buck, we believe that communities can be transformed, lives can be saved, and black people will live free. https://livefreeillinois.org