Tools – Fall 2021

The Parish Model of Ministry: What changes when we think of our work not as with our congregation, but with the whole geographic location of our work. This workshop explores three key questions. 1) What is a Parish?, 2) What is a Parish Priest/Pastor?, 3) What is a Parish Ministry ?. Led by Eden alumn, the Rev. Jon Stratton, with fellow alum Rev. Aaron Rogers and Walker Leadership Director, Rev. Steve Lawler, the course included urban, small city, and small-town examples of this approach at work.


Community Listening: Community listening builds relationships that create mutual community ministry/ This workshop introduces you to tools and tactics to get an accurate picture of the community via demographic study, build a relational connection with the community, and lay the concrete groundwork for hands-on collaboration. Led by Rev. Canon Whitney Rice, Canon for Evangelism & Discipleship Development of the Diocese of Missouri. 


Building a Funding Plan and a Map. This workshop is designed to walk participants through the development and execution of a funding plan and out of this to develop a map of funding sources. The Rev. Aaron Rogers and Walker Director Steve Lawler co-created and delivered this presentation. 


Clergy Leadership in the Public Square. Pastor Charles Norris of St. James AME Church and President of the St. Louis Clergy Coalition offers a model of clergy engagement in the public square. This is particularly useful for those whose work includes policy and political action.