Special Fall Programs – Fall 2021

Finance for Missional Organization


When we are called to lead a mission-driven organization, we operate differently than for-profit entities. Our work is theologically centered on faithful stewardship and embodied justice. Professional financial management is often the most challenging part of this work. This course is an overview of the critical elements of responsible fiscal leadership, including accounting, budgeting, accountability  & transparency, diversified income, and planning capital projects. In support of the course objectives, students will learn the basics of Quickbooks, a leading accounting software platform. Offered as either a one-credit or a non-credit course. 


Leadership after 2020? 


What does leadership look like after 2020? COVID. A new racial reckoning? Displaced workers? Transformed industries? Churches discovering virtual ministry? Mainline churches? The struggle to cope? New opportunities? How do we lead in disrupted times? Learn tools and techniques from fire jumpers, high-performance athletic teams, martial artists, and church leaders from the past and the present. This LIFE offering is for faithful leaders of organizations of all types. A non-credit certificate is available upon successful completion of the 6-hour workshop.