Letter from the Director – Fall 2021

Dear Friends,
Since its inception in 2016, the Walker Leadership Institute has focused on leadership for the common good. As the Rev. Dr. Deborah Krause entered into the first year of her presidency, she leads the Eden community in responding in new and robust ways to the unique challenges and opportunities of this time. One of those responses is the launch of a progressive religious leaders collegium, something you will hear more about in this newsletter.
Like many of you, we faced challenges that we could not have imagined in this past year. Nimbleness, collaboration, and hopefulness became the core of our work. We worked with our partners, the Glean Network, the Urban Leadership Academy, and the Bridge Alliance to provide dynamic and timely training. We supported the vital work of the UCC’s Adese fellowship and Faith and for the Sake of All as each organization worked on what is next for the church. The Insights series, special workshops, a semester-long course on Transformative Community Care delivered through ZOOM helped current, and future leaders prepare for the challenges ahead.

Something unexpected this past year was the call to work one on one with organizational leaders. Coaching leaders of congregations, missional organizations, and faith-based social enterprises brought the resources of the Walker Leadership Institute to a broader group of leaders committed to the common good. This work and the things mentioned above made this past year a time of significant change for the Walker Leadership Institute. All of these deepened and enriched the practice of leadership for the common good.

This newsletter is an update and a look at what lies ahead.

We are grateful for the participation, encouragement, and support of so many of you.

We continue to join you in answering the call to leadership for the common good.

Steve Lawler
Founding Director
The Walker Leadership Institute @ Eden